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Learn through action, join our hackathons and challenges.


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We have exclusive blockchain content designed for your training.

Join our community and get access to exclusive content and self-evaluating tools, built with methodologies developed at MIT. Share with peers your thoughts and interests on Blockchain. Don’t stay behind on the launching of new Blockchain platforms and their amazing tools to solve our challenges. Keep an eye for job postings that fit you and your Blockchain capabilities. All at your disposal.


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Choose from our pipeline of carefully selected and designed real-life use cases focused on global impact, the one that inspires you the most. Get ready to participate and to make a change. Win cool prizes while learning and developing your Blockchain skills.


Library of Challenges

No Blockchain? No problem. We will take you there and help you build your tech capabilities through our sim cases, while meeting with peers that will make learning Blockchain a personal experience for you. By joining our Blockchain ecosystem, you will have access to our library of Blockchain challenges. You will be able to sort through the different cases and, moreover, through the great solutions our participants have submitted. You will have access to learn from others and to also contribute with your skills and knowledge to the library.


Peer to Peer Interaction / Networking

Get ready to meet your future peers. Meet people around the globe who, like you, want to build and take to the next level their Blockchain skills by learning through action. Meet change drivers who want to build something that brings positive and sustainable change, tackling global issues such as climate change, inequality on jobs and education, among others.


Job Hunting

Want to be on the radar and show off your Blockchain skills? Want people to know what amazing things you are building through Blockchain to create social impact? Don´t be shy. Stick around and let people reach out to you with the next big challenge. Post your CV on our platform, participate actively. Make some noise.


Hackathon Posting

We have partnered as members with MIT SOLVE as we are all about global impact through Blockchain implementation. If you want to be the driver of sustainable change and explore Blockchain tech and its implementation through use cases, you have come to the right place. Through our ecosystem, you will be able to connect to a global and diverse community of Blockchain talent that is eager to tackle social global problematics.


Job Postings

In our platform, you will find a specialized and very focused group of global and diverse talent that is working hard, every day, on achieving the best Blockchain capabilities. Connect with disruptive Blockchain enthusiasts that, just like your organization, are looking to create innovative solutions based on Blockchain technology while addressing the world’s most pressing issues.


Blockchain plataforms

If you are building the next cool set of Blockchain tools and want to obtain their implementation through real-life use cases, here’s the chance for it. Become part of our ecosystem and have access to global Blockchain enthusiasts that are interested in learning what your platform is about and on building disruptive tech solutions with it!



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